Richard Bartle

our big picture presented the first of four exhibitions at Grimsby Minster
‘Deities At The Bottom of the Garden’ by the artist Richard Bartle
April 6th to 21st May 2016

Richard Bartle is a contemporary artist living in Sheffield who creates sculptures, installations, videos and paintings about society, current affairs, religion and politics. Bottom of the Garden consists of twelve scale-model garden sheds. Each has an interior inspired on the worship-place of a different world religion.
Each sculpture has been extensively researched and is lovingly hand-crafted, wherever possible using the same materials that would be used in their life-size counterparts. Details include hand-woven rugs, painted ceilings, hand-turned furniture and glass light fittings. The work reduces the usually grand architecture of churches into a more private worship space, inviting the viewer to make their own minds up about what it is to have faith and the differences and similarities between differing beliefs and cultures.

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